Business Model Summary
MDU Direct to home summary:
  • Billing is directly to the individual customers by DIRECTV®
  • ndividual Resident Accounts are set up In Residents' names & phone numbers, Not the property's.
  • Buydown Receivers can be used
Services Available:

All DIRECTV Programming packages at full retail rates.
MDU Bulk DTH Summary:
  • Property Owner/Manager elects to provide DIRECTV programming to all units.
  • Property Owner and/or Manager is billed for bulk service.
  • Billing is always for 100 % of total units on property, not current occupancy.
  • Individual Resident Accounts are set up in Individual Residents' names & phone numbers, Not the property or the property manager's.
  • Owner/Manager Must Provide a recurring Credit Card or EFT for Master Billing
  • Owner/Manager can not resell/re bill programming, it must be included in the rent, HOA fees, etc.
  • Customers are billed individually for any upgrades, additional receivers, and Pay Per Views.
  • A 3 (three) year contract with DIRECTV is required .
  • Buydown receivers can be used.
Services Available:

Total Choice w/Locals, Para Todas, HBO, Showtime, STARZ, & Cinemax at reduced rates.
MDU Bulk Analog Summary:
  • A Total Choice w/Locals Limited 50 Channel Headend delivers all programming to all units in an Analog Format.
  • Individual Residents have to option to upgrade to Total Choice Digital Format for $10.99/monthly.
  • Headend portion requires an EFT or Credit Card to set up recurring billing to Property Owner/Manager.
  • Buydown Receivers can be used for individual upgrades.
Services Available:

All DIRECTV residential services are available to Total Choice Digital customers.