DIRECTV COM1000 by PDI-SAT Commercial HDTV Systems
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DIRECTV® service gives you access to more than 135 channels of great movies, sports, news and family entertainment. You can choose one of our popular programming packages or select channels a la carte. You get just what you want at an affordable cost. Your hotel guests, dorm residents or hospital patients get just what they need to kick back and be entertained or informed. Regardless of the room, DIRECTV programming makes a big impression. Unbeatable digital-quality picture and sound are sure to liven up any hotel, dorm or hospital.

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Required SMATV Equipment

DIRECTV delivers digital satellite signals to be received by a small "dish" at the property. From the dish, the signal is sent to electronics that process the signals and deliver them through the property´s video distribution system. These electronics are known as "headend electronics".

For over ten years, PDI has been developing proprietary headend products. PDI´s headend equipment meets or exceeds the latest FCC recommended parameters, while having the best price to performance ratio in the industry. Each piece of headend equipment undergoes rigorous quality control tests before being shipped to the end user.

The Head End system is sent directly to the property pre-assembled and ready to install. Installation requires installing a commercial dish and running the feeds into the pre-racked headend equipment.

Catalog sheets of PDI-SAT´s head end equipment line can be found HERE.


Free To Guest Programming procedures:

Complete Property Worksheet Form (Property) - Click here for form.

Complete Technical Survey (PDI-SAT)

Determine anticipated launch date (Property)

Chose Programming for channel line-up, as this will determine how the Headend is constructed. See attached packages. (Property)

Determine costs and purchase option. (Property, PDI-SAT)

Complete programming contracts. (Property)

+/-30 days prior to launch date PDI-SAT will begin construction of Head-End

+/-3 days prior to activation PDI-SAT will activate DIRECTV programming

Upon property launch, PDI-SAT will arrange to install and attach Headend to distribution system

Click here for a sample DIRECTV rate card.